Tending Our Ancestors

Cecile Carson, MD

Rochester, NY                                           July 15, 2018


“Transforming the growing mountain of unresolved ancestral issues is one of the shamanic challenges of our time.”      —Christina Pratt


This workshop will focus on deepening our connection to our Ancestors, who influence our lives through the strengths and burdens of the lineage we inherit.

We will journey through time to find specific Ancestral allies for the deep healing work of the lineage, and draw on cultural traditions such as Mayan and Dagaran that have heartfelt Ancestor connections to guide us.


The 1-day workshop will run from 9-5 on Sunday. Please bring a drum or rattle, if you have one, and a small photo(s) or small object of deceased loved ones (no images that have non-deceased relatives in them). Wear comfortable clothing and bring an eye cover, a blanket, a pen and notebook. 

Prerequisite:  prior training in how to do a shamanic journey and a strong connection to a helping spirit.

Cecile Carson is an experienced teacher and shamanic worker for the past 27 years who has integrated shamanic principles into her Western medical practice. She has had extensive training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and has studied in Romani (gypsy) and Celtic traditions as well.  She is past Founding Board member of the Society of Shamanic Practice and is editor of Spirited Medicine: Shamanism In Contemporary Healthcare.