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Shamanism And The Care Of The Deep Self

August 2017 Here in the West, self-care is a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet we are becoming a more distracted, anxious, and uncertain people. Surrounded by courses, guidelines, gurus, fitness centers, accessories, and bookshelves of do-it-yourself volumes, we look to others for what’s best for us as individuals. In the middle of our debt-driven society,…

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Cecile Carson, M.D. Rochester, New York This one-year shamanic apprenticeship is for serious students of shamanism who wish to take their healing practice further. It requires that the participant have training in shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, and psychopomp methods and an intention to deepen their experiences of being a healing force in the world. The…

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Book – Spirited Medicine

Book – Spirited Medicine Shamanism in Contemporary Healthcare Spirited Medicine is an exciting contribution to the integration of the ancient healing system of shamanism into modern Western society. Most of its authors are dually trained as both healthcare providers and shamanic practitioners, and collectively they offer a broad framework and powerful clinical examples of how to…

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